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We are a Semi Hardcore PVE guild which was formed in Jan 2009.
We did all bosses in WotLK and a few on HC. In cataclysm however we did 12/12 raids pre 4.2, firelands (7/7N)(3/7HC) and in dragon soul we was  8/8 N and 5/8 HC Pre 10% Nerf, We then took a break due to our GM going to Afghanistan.

With Mists of Pandaria upon us we are now recruiting to transform our 3 solid 10 MAN team in to a strong 25 man team, to accomplish this we need to add a few strong players to our roster.

Current MOP Progress

6/6N HOF
4/4 Terrace

Do you have what it takes to be part of us?

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From the ashes long awaited update!

slavelord, Feb 16, 12 5:55 PM.
Hi GUILD and Randoms!!

Well it has been a while since i updated you guys on what the guild has been doing, well we have progressed nicely in HC DS currently 3/8 HC Grp 1 however grp 2 are stil trying to overcome warmaster blackhorn goodluck grp 2.
Not only have we been progressing in Dragon soul we have also been getting guild members the Fireland meta achievements which has been fun.

Sorry this was such a short update realy busy with other in game issues.

Goodluck all and remeber have fun
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